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  PMP Examination Preparation (5 days-35 hours) - Intensive preparation course for PMP Examination. PMBOK is reviewed and exam mockup is provided to equip participants with knowledge and readiness.
Project Management Application with Microsoft Project (3 days) - Guides you to manage your project plan effectively with Microsoft Project starting from setup, planning, monitoring until reporting
Project Management Professionals (6 days) - Hands on the intensive and powerful knowledge and skills of project management.
  Project Management Office (2 days) - Participants learns how to implement PMO successfully.  Strategy, knowledge, tools and tecniques to run PMO sustainably are also provided.
Project Management Practitioner (3 days) - Quick serve for project managers to get practical knowledge, tools and techniques in short period.


 Success factors of Projects
Project success factors are what projects should or must have so as to be successful. There are many factors which help projects thriving. However, there are some factors which significantly influence project accomplishment or what we call “Critical Success Factors”. Professional project managers should highly consider various means in order to receive these factors. More critical success factors mean more successful project opportunities. ...Read More
 Development of Project Management in Organizations
Development of project management in organizations has main objectives in enhancing organizations’ capabilities in project management, attaining strategic objectives and decreasing costs from project failure damages. ...Read More
 Success Factors on PMO Establishment
Establishing a PMO in an organization has been a very well-accepted movement for middle and big-sized organizations in the past 10 years. Due to the fact that management is in need of tools to manage all of the projects in their organization, PMO concepts actually answer to this requirement. However, success establishment and development of PMO is still and always a challenging question for organization management schemes. In this article, we are going to analyze what makes PMO achieve in the organization. ...Read More

Project Management Maturity Model in Organizational PM Development

                Other than project managers and team members’ skills, one factor for project management success is the organization readiness in supporting proficient project management. Most organizations realize how crucial personal competency development on project management is, as they organize human resource training and development programs consistently...Read more

Why Project Management?

                As current business competitions are severe and agile as well as they are altering against time, organizations must dynamically drive the modification and development to compete and strive through new product and marketing strategy launches, work procedure improvement and information system enhancement. Besides, present product life cycles are much shorter than the past. Productions are much more complicated and are changed to serve customer-centered markets. For these reasons, Working on organizations are more on projects-type works through many small and large projects within the organizations...Read more

Project Risk Management Techniques

According to the definition stated in Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), risk refers to a situation that is uncertain about occurrence but affects a project if it occurs. It can be simply explained that risk is a concern of a project manager or a project team. When that concern occurs, there should be a risk plan to alleviate it. If it is a serious concern with great effects and is high possible to occur, risk plans will be increased. On the other hand, if it is a minor concern, a risk plan may not be necessary depending on how much it is. Projects normally encounter risks because project management refers to managing huge amount of people with varied perspectives, thoughts and expectations...Read more

 Directions to Create Competency for Being Professional Project Managers (Section 2: Corrective and Preventive Actions)

One of important competencies professional project managers should have is to constantly develop and improve their works. As referred to in significant procedures of Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), PMBOK stresses that professional project managers are able to utilize tools provided in order to evaluate work performances in their projects and to compare the results of evaluation to the specified plans. Work performances may not be as planned owing to, for example, delayed activities, increasing project costs, uncertain and infinite expanding project scopes, uncooperative stakeholders, unqualified delivery or difficulties on team operation, etc. What project managers should do is to go through Integrated Change Control Process....Read More

Directions to Create Competency for Being Professional Project Managers (Section 1: Sense of Accountability)

Not only should professional project managers possess scales of complete and correct knowledge as well as excellent skills on project management, but also they should promote good work attitudes. As project management is directly related to people in various roles, duties, expertise, ideas and expectations, it is very important to manage projects by depending on positive work attitudes. Mind-set on understanding of roles and duties at work is tremendously crucial. Being referred to as one of the tools which is used in Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) on Project Human Resource Management, Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) emphasizes on appointing a responsible person in each activity...Read More

Project Stakeholder Management in PMBOK 5th Edition

PMBOK or Project Management Body of Knowledge has arrived in its 5th Edition, which would be officially used for people intending to take PMP examination after June 2013 onwards.    PMBOK5th includes the changes on many issues, which were developed from PMBOK4th.   However, the interesting point is that PMBOK 5th isolates the knowledge about Project Stakeholder Management to be another body....More Details

PMP Exam Practice Questions
PMP exam practice questions for project managers or anyone pursuing certified PMP ...More Details

Pathway to Professional Project Managers
Project Manager is obliged to be responsible in planning, managing, monitoring & controlling, administration and remediation of various problems in projects, including the accountability towards all work results incurred from the operation of project. But, the differences between project manager and professional project manager are different by 3 elements, namely...Read More


Our Services

KNOWLEDGER provides consulting and implementation of project management, project management office (PMO), IT infrastructure e.g. Exchange Server and IT security e.g. application penetration testing,


Our Courses

KNOWLEDGER’s courses are scenario based, so participants will better understand the knowledge and be able to apply it in their real-life situation.

Our Instructors

KNOWLEDGER is the place where knowledger is shared and applied. Our instructors are certified and have much more experiences for more than a decade in their specialized fields. Getting known our instructors,





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