PMP Exam Practice Questions 1

1. Which one is not the sample of group decision-making techniques?
A. Brainstorm
B. Vendor bid analysis
C. Delphi
D. Nominal group

2. Why should the senior management be highly engaged since the beginning of the project?
A. To advice project manager
B. To leverage team morale
C. To support budgets for performing project
D. To clear away any obstacles to project success
3. Project manager makes decision to choose each project member by considering many factors such as the cost acquisition, the competency and ability of each member, the attitude toward the project. Which one is the definition of this tool?
A. Acquisition
B. Negotiation
C. Expert judgment
D. Multi-criteria decision analysis  

4. PMO would like to shorten the time of each project in the process of identifying risk. They provide the risk population to each project. These list of risk based on historical information and knowledge that has been accumulated from previous similar projects. This is the powerful tool for identify risk in each project. What is the name of this tool?
A. Delphi technique
B. Checklist analysis
C. Assumptions analysis
D. Diagramming technique

5. All of the following are the contents that may appear in source selection criteria EXCEPT.
A. Penalty conditions 
B. Technical approach
C. Warranty
D. Past performance of seller

6. You have to complete your project within 12 months. After you run project for 5 months, you found that CPI is 1.4 and SPI is 0.6. What should you do?
A. Buy additional resources to fasten the project
B. Release some resources to save the cost
C. Negotiate with senior management to extend the project duration
D. Reduce scope of project

7. Which process provides the benefit that maintains or increases the efficiency and effectiveness of stakeholder engagement activities as the project evolves and its environment changes?
A. Identify stakeholders
B. Plan stakeholder management
C. Manage stakeholder engagement
D. Control stakeholder engagement
8. Which one is the definition of the function assumed by or assigned to the person in project?
A. Role 
B. Authority
C. Responsibility
D. Competency
9. You are the project manager of software development project. Your project is on the planning phase. You need to develop project risk management plan and you call related stakeholders to join a meeting that the main objective is to conclude the content in project risk management plan. Which one is not in the agenda of this meeting?
A. Risk category and risk breakdown structure
B. Probability and impact matrix and definition
C. Risk owner
D. Risk management responsibility
10. Simon is the project manager of China Bank. Senior management assigns him to manage the project of company web site development. This web site provides the information for bank’s customer in both static web page and dynamic web page. Moreover, this web site must provide the internet banking service for customers those intend to perform financial transaction with bank. Simon realizes that his project team lack of skills and competency of internet banking service so he make decision to hire expertise to be a consultant in project.  What type of contract is suitable for this job?
A. Firm fixed price
B. Time and material
C. Fixed price incentive fee
D. Cost plus fixed fee

    1. B  2. D  3. D  4. B  5. A  
    6. A  7. D  8. A  9. C 10. B