Success factors of Project

Success PMO, PMO Establish, Establish PMO, project management office           Project success factors are what projects should or must have so as to be successful. There are many factors which help projects thriving. However, there are some factors which significantly influence project accomplishment or what we call “Critical Success Factors”. Professional project managers should highly consider various means in order to receive these factors. More critical success factors mean more successful project opportunities. Generally, each project manager has his or her different viewpoints on project success factors which reflect dissimilar patterns and types of project management. Some project managers regard teamwork, communication management or supports from management and stakeholders as critical success factors. How should we study and do research on primary critical success factors to manage successful projects? From a research on project success factors by David Bacarrini, Curtin University of Technology, Australia, 150 project managers who are members of Australian Institute of Project Management had responded to surveys on critical success factors on project success as the following:

Table: Types of Business (150 Project Managers)
Types of Business Number of  Survey Response %
Construction 68 45.3%
IT and Information System 22 14.7%
Natural Resources 16 10.7%
Telecommunication 10 6.7%
General Business 9 6.0%
National Defense 7 4.7%
Education 7 4.7%
Manufacturing 6 4.0%
Others 5 3.3%
Total 150 100%

Research results are as the following:
Table: Research Results on Project Success Factors
Sequence Project Success Factors % Indicated
1 Well comprehension of projects in details 73%
2 Skills and capabilities of work teams 61%
3 Efficient communication 42%
4 Project time and cost estimation in line with project aspects 40%
5 Efficient controls 29%
6 Customer participation 23%
7 Good risk evaluation 23%
8 Enough resources 22%
9 Teamwork 21%
10 Excellent planning 20%
11 Support from top management 16%
12 Stakeholder management 11%
13 Authorization of project managers 9%
14 Control on project external factors 7%
15 Efficient problem solving 3%

             From this research, it is obvious that comprehension of projects in details and employees’ skills as well as good communication are main critical success factors of project achievement. The survey results help us create directions for organizations which desire to attain project management success. There are various kinds of preparation for critical success factors such as knowledge and skill trainings for project managers and teams or detailed procedures before starting projects. These greatly result in more project success opportunities.

                                                                                            Paiboon Panyayuthakarn, PMP
Reference: Bacarrini, D., “Success Criteria in Project Management”, PM Network, Vol. 22, No. 7