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ITPM: IT Project Management

Recently, a great leap forward of implementing IT system in enterprise makes a great effect on shortage of IT project managers. Since managing IT projects needs both project management skills and IT technical knowledge, this course is designed to cover both knowledge areas with expectation of increasing a number of IT project managers for IT industry and open new opportunity for people who are interested in IT career path.

The six-day course consists of the first three days of practicing project management knowledge and skills whilst the latter focusing on essential IT technical knowledge that IT project managers should know before managing IT projects, so they can communicate to IT experts effectively and be able to control project scope and quality for successful delivery.

To enhance knowledge and skills in project management for project managers with Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge, which globally recognized by professional project managers, and increase effectiveness, efficiency and project success rate. Furthermore, participants will learn basic technical knowledge in IT that project managers should know before assigned into IT projects so that they can communicate with IT experts effectively and be able to control project scope and quality for successful delivery.

The participants will practice project management skills and tools thru many workshops with various IT project scenario cases e.g. software development project, IT infrastructure project, IT security project. In addition, they also learn how to apply project management knowledge in real life by using project management applications.

Who Should Attend:  People who work in project:
•    IT Management
•    IT Project Manager
•    IT Project Coordinator and IT Project Stakeholders
•    IT Staffs who would be assigned to be IT Project Manager

Course Benefits: Participants will learn how to:
•    Make project initiation driving project success more
•    Manage projects effectively and efficiently
•    Plan, organize and monitor projects 
•    Evaluate projects to truly realize project status and recover projects in time
•    Technical concerns in IT Project Management
•    Risks in IT Project Management

6 days (36 hours), 09:00 – 16:00

Training Date: 

Jasmine City Hotel, Soi Sukhumvit 23, Klongtoey-Nua, Wattana, Bangkok (See Map)

Lecture and workshops

Language:  Thai
•    Paiboon Punyayuttakan PMP, CISSP, CISA, IRCA, ITIL, Project+ 

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On day 3 of the training, please bring your notebook installed any version of Microsoft Project or OpenProj for the training. 

Course Outline:  IT Project Management

Day 1 
•    Introduction to Project
o    Project Manager and Innovator
o    Characteristic of Project
o    Output & Outcome
o    Components of Project Success
•    Project Management
o    Project Life Cycle
o    Project Management Knowledge Areas
o    Project Management Processes
•    Business Case
o    Start with Business Case
o    Project Scenario & Business Case Workshop 
•    Project Charter
o    Why Project Charter?
o    Project Objectives
o    Assumption & Constraints
o    Project Scenario & Project Charter Workshop
•    Project Stakeholder Management
o    Why Project Stakeholder Management?
o    Identify Stakeholders
o    Project Stakeholders
o    Manage Stakeholder Expectation
o    Stakeholder Strategies
o    Project Scenario & Stakeholder Analysis Workshop

Day 2 
•    Project Scope Management 
o    Source of Requirements
o    Requirement Gathering Techniques and Implementation
o    Good Characteristics of Requirements Specification
o    Create Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
o    Design WBS in Waterfall Pattern
o    Design WBS in Incremental Pattern
o    Design WBS in Iterative Pattern
o    WBS Pattern Selection Criteria
o    WBS Pattern Selection Workshop
o    Project Scenario & WBS Workshop 
•    Project Time Management 
o    Project Estimation Techniques
o    Activities Sequencing & Dependency
o    Project Scheduling
o    Critical Path Method (CPM)
•    Project Risk Management
o    Sense of Managing Risk
o    Risk Management Planning
o    Risk Identification Techniques
o    Risk Assessment
o    Key Risk Indicator (KRI) & Risk Trigger
o    Risk Response Planning
o    Risk Monitoring and Control
o    Risk Profile
o    Project Scenario & Risk Management Workshop

Day 3  
•    Project Cost Management
o    Cost Management Planning
o    Cost Budgeting
o    Why Measurement?
o    Cost Baseline (S-Curve)
o    Earned Value Technique
o    Cost Performance Index
o    Schedule Performance Index
o    Performance Improvement Strategy
•    Project Management Application with Microsoft Project and OpenProj
o    Microsoft Project Setup 
o    Project Planning with Microsoft Project
o    Project Monitoring and Tracking
o    Project Reporting
o    Microsoft Project Workshop 
•    Project Change Management
o    Sources of Change
o    Configuration Management
o    Change Management Process
o    Change Request Form
o    Change Log

Day 4  
•    Managing Application Development Project
o    Roles of project team (BA , SA , Dev , Tester , Security , Infra)
o    Activities During Requirement Analysis
o    User Requirement Gathering Techniques
o    Component of Business Requirement Document 
o    Activities During  System Design
o    Main Concerns for System Design
o    3 Tier Architecture Concept
o    Main Concerns Related to IT Security for System Design
o    Activities During Application Development
o    Basic Functions for Web / Mobile Application
o    Basic Concept for Secure Coding
o    How to Perform Unit Test
o    Activities During Software Testing 
o    How to Prepare Testing Environment
o    Objective & Benefit of Test Case / Test Script
o    Basic and Mandatory Test Case for Web App
o    Basic and Mandatory Test Case for Mobile App
o    Development , Testing , Production Environment
o    Objective of System Integration Test (SIT) & User Acceptant Test (UAT)
o    Objective of VA Scan & Penetration Test
o    Objective of Load & Performance Test
o    Activities During User Training
o    How to develop training document
o    Basic Training Course before Go-Live
o    Activities During Go-Live 
o    How to prepare for Go-Live
o    How to develop Deployment Checklist
o    Roles of Change Advisory Board (CAB)
o    How to get approve from CAB
o    How to Deploy Web Application 
o    How to Deploy Mobile Application to  Store
o    Risks Related to Application Development Project

Day 5  
•    Managing IT Infrastructure Project 
o    Activities During Survey
o    Physical Server & Virtual Server
o    Server On-Cloud & Server On-Premise
o    How to survey existing Architecture
o    Basic IT Infrastructure Equipment (Switch , SAN Switch , Router , FW , SAN Storage)
o    Basic Concept of DC-Site & DR-Site
o    Basic Concept of Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) Testing
o    Activities During Infra Design
o    Architecture Design
o    Main Concerns for IT Infrastructure Design
o    Main Concerns Related to IT Security for IT Infrastructure Design
o    Activities During System Installation   
o    System Installation Activities 
o    Objective of System Hardening
o    Risks Related to IT Infrastructure Project 
Day 6
•    Managing IT Security Project
o    Activities Related to IT Security Project
o    VA / Penetration Test Project
o    Security Operation Center (SOC) Project
o    Privilege Access Management (PAM) Project
o    Patch Management Project
o    System & Network Access Control Project
o    Web Application Firewall Project
o    Mobile Device Management (MDM) Project
o    Risks Related to IT Security Project

Course Fee:
  43,900 Baht (VAT7% = 3,073 Baht, Total = 46,973 Baht)
  Early Bird 40,900 Baht - to be paid 2 weeks prior to training (VAT7% = 2,863 Baht, Total = 43,763 Baht)
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