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WAP: Waterfall vs Agile Project Management 

Managing projects requires more than technical knowledge and experience. It also demands a firm understanding of the practical nature and problems of the projects, the ability to apply project management knowledge, tools and techniques to facilitate task execution, and good team-building skills. In addition, a competency of applying the right project management approach which is waterfall, incremental, iterative or agile is recently important for project managers to respond to customer expectation and project context.

The course is designed for project managers or team members to be mastery in waterfall and agile project management. The participants will be equipped with both project management knowledge and skills.

Who Should Attend:  People who work in project-based or stake in projects which are
•    Project Manager
•    Project Team Leader
•    Project Coordinator
•    Project Team Members

Course Benefits: Participants will learn how to:
•    Select the right project management approach for projects
•    Setup projects and customize the proper tools and techniques to meet project size and complexity
•    Plan, organize and monitor projects effectively in order to deliver quality systems within time and budget 
•    Proactively identify project risks and plan proper risk responses
•    Effectively apply Agile practice in projects

5 days (30 hours), 09:00 – 16:00

Training Date: 

Jasmine City Hotel, Soi Sukhumvit 23, Klongtoey-Nua, Wattana, Bangkok (See Map)

Lecture, workshops, group discussion

Language:  Thai
•    Paiboon Punyayuttakan PMP, CISSP, CISA, IRCA, ITIL, Project+ 
•    Arintra Punyayuttakan PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM, CSPO, LeSS, CSQA, CSTE, CSPM, MCTS (Microsoft Project)

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Clients to prepare a laptop computer installed Microsoft Project Desktop for Day 3 of the training 

Course Outline:  Waterfall vs Agile Project Management

Day 1 
•    Introduction to Project
o    Project Manager and Innovator
o    Characteristic of Project
o    Output & Outcome
o    Components of Project Success
o    5 Competencies of Professional Project Manager  
•    Project Management
o    Project Life Cycle
o    Project Management Knowledge Areas
o    Project Management Processes
o    Workshop : Project Management Processes Group
•    Business Case / Project Charter
o    Start with Business Case
o    Why Project Charter?
o    Project Objectives
o    Assumption & Constraints
o    Project Scenario & Business Case Workshop 
•    Project Stakeholder Management
o    Why Project Stakeholder Management?
o    Identify Stakeholders
o    Project Stakeholders
o    Manage Stakeholder Expectation
o    Stakeholder Strategies
o    Project Scenario & Stakeholder Analysis Workshop

Day 2 
•    Project Scope Management 
o    Source of Requirements
o    Requirement Gathering Techniques and Implementation
o    Good Characteristics of Requirements Specification
o    Create Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
o    Project Scenario & WBS Workshop 
•    Project Schedule Management 
o    Activities Sequencing & Dependency
o    Project Scheduling
o    Overview Critical Path Method (CPM) 
•    Project Risk Management
o    Sense of Managing Risk
o    Risk Management Planning
o    Risk Identification Techniques
o    Risk Assessment
o    Key Risk Indicator (KRI) & Risk Trigger
o    Risk Response Planning
o    Risk Monitoring and Control
o    Risk Profile
o    Project Scenario & Risk Management Workshop

Day 3  
•    Project Cost Management 
o    Estimate Cost Activity
o    Develop Cost Baseline (S-Curve)
•    Project Schedule Tracking & Reporting with Microsoft Project
o    Setup Project Parameter in Microsoft Project
o    Create WBS in Microsoft Project
o    Identify Task Dependency in Microsoft Project
o    Setup Timescale in Microsoft Project
o    Assign Resource in Microsoft Project
o    Update & Calculate % Complete in Microsoft Project
o    Review Gantt Chart & Calculate %Complete with MS Project
o    Calculate %Complete Actual VS %Complete as Plan
o    Develop Slide Progress Report
o    Microsoft Project Workshop (Project Schedule Tracking & Reporting)

Day 4  
•    Why Agile?
•    Workshop: Agile Value Proposition
•    Agile Values and Principle
o    Agile Mindset
o    Agile Manifesto
o    Triple of Constraints
o    Timeboxing
•    Scrum Concepts and Principles
•    Scrum Team Roles
o    Product Owner
o    ScrumMaster
o    Team
o    Workshop: 100% Dedicated Team
•    Release Planning
o    Product Roadmap
o    Project Scenario Workshop: Product Roadmap
•    The Definition of “Done”
•    Scrum Process 
o    Scrum Process Overview
•    Backlog Refinement
o    Backlog Refinement
o    Product Backlog
o    How to Write User Stories
o    Workshop: Why User Story
o    Project Scenario Workshop: Writing User Stories

Day 5  
o    Prioritizing Value Techniques
o    Minimal Viable Product (MVP)
o    Workshop: Slicing User Stories 
o    Project Estimating
o    Project Scenario Workshop: Project Estimating
•    Sprint Planning
o    Sprint Planning
o    Sprint Backlog
•    Daily Scrum
o    Daily Scrum
o    Workshop: Daily Scrum
•    Tracking Team Performance
o    Burndown and Burnup Chart
o    Project Scenario Roleplay: Daily Scrum and Burndown Chart
•    Sprint Review
•    Sprint Retrospective
Course Fee:
36,900 Baht (VAT7% = 2,583 Baht, Total = 39,483 Baht)
Early Bird 33,900 Baht - to be paid 2 weeks prior to training (VAT7% = 2,373 Baht, Total = 36,273 Baht)
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