PMP Exam Practice Questions 2

1. Which one is not a tools and techniques of close procurements process?
A. Procurement audits
B. Procurement negotiations
C. Records management system
D. Expert judgment

2. In the process of producing battery alkaline button cell, the specification of battery is 1.5 v. After sampling for 10 units from 2 brands of battery, the results of voltage measurement are the following
Brand X : 1.48, 1.49 , 1.55 , 1.53 , 1.52, 1.50, 1.47, 1.56, 1.51, 1.50
Brand Y : 1.47, 1.48, 1.47, 1.46, 1.46, 1.46, 1.46, 1.47, 1.48 , 1.46
Which one is true?
A. Brand X higher accuracy than Brand Y
B. Brand Y higher accuracy than Brand X
C. Brand X higher quality than Brand Y
D. Brand Y higher quality than Brand X

3. Which one is not the content in project statement of work (SOW) ?
A. Business need
B. Strategic plan
C. Assumption and constraints
D. Product scope description

4. Which statement on constructive changes is false?
A. Constructive changes are contract changes which are construed from actions taken by either party, not from a change document.
B. Changes in projects under contract are called constructive changes if they yield benefits for both parties.
C. Constructive changes are a frequent cause of disputes and claims of one contract party against the other.
D. Field changes should be meticulously documented to avoid an interpretation as constructive change.

5. Which contract type that the seller take the greatest risk?
A. Cost plus fixed fee
B. Time and material
C. Fixed price incentive fee
D. Firm fixed price

6. Which one is the name of estimation technique that uses a statistical relationship between relevant historical data and other variables such as unit of work to calculate a cost estimate of project work?
A. Parametric estimation
B. Analogous estimation
C. Three-point estimation
D. Bottom-up estimation

7. You invest in the project that has first invested amount is $5,000,000. The income will be return as following
1st Year = $2,000,000
2nd Year = $3,000,000
3rd Year = $1,000,000
Rate of interest is 5% per year. What is the NPV of this project ?
A. 491,688
B. 490,688
C. 489,688
D. 488,688

8. Which one is not an input of estimate cost process?
A. Scope baseline
B. Risk register
C. Agreements
D. Enterprise environmental factors

9. Which one is not the objective of bidder conference?
A. To ensure that all prospective sellers have a clear and common understanding of the procurement requirement
B. To ensure that no bidders receive preferential treatments
C. To ensure that all prospective sellers hear every question from any individual prospective seller and every answer from the buyer
D. To ensure buyer can buy the procurement items in the reasonable price

10. You are the project manager of manufacturing project. You need to ensure that your project activities comply with the organizational and project policies, processes and procedures and identify the gaps according with the best practice. Which one is the tool that should be used?
A. Process improvement
B. Process analysis
C. Quality audits
D. Quality checklists

11. You are in the process of plan communication management. After conduct workshop training, you need to distribute slide presentation in workshop to your audiences. You have to choose the way to distribute presentation file by sending email to each audience or provide intranet site for downloading file by audiences themselves. Which tool that should be used?
A. Communication requirements analysis
B. Communication technology
C. Communication models
D. Communication methods

12. During the manage communications process, you have to choose the communication way that suitable for each specific situation such as when to communicate in writing versus orally, when to prepare an informal memos versus formal report, when to communicate face to face versus by e-mail. Which topic should be considered?
A. Communication management plan
B. Presentation techniques
C. Sender-receiver models
D. Choice of media

13. Which tool is used for gathering data to organize facts in manner that facilitate the effective collection of useful data about a potential of quality problems?
A. Control chart
B. CE diagrams
C. Tally sheet
D. Pareto diagrams

14. Which one is not the activity in project cost control?
A. Influencing the factors that create changes to the authorized cost baseline
B. Monitoring cost performance
C. Informing stakeholders of all approved changes associated cost
D. Re-planning cost baseline due to approved changes

15. During the manage communications process, you realize that many stakeholders have difference opinions. You need to build consensus and overcome obstacles. Which technique should be used?
A. Presentation techniques
B. Facilitation techniques
C. Listening techniques
D. Meeting management techniques

16. Which tool is used to explain the change in one dependent variable in relationship to a change observed in the corresponding independent variable?
A. Checksheets
B. Correlation charts
C. Dependency diagrams
D. Pareto diagrams

17. Which one is the tools and techniques of Determine budgets process that involve the use of project characteristics to develop mathematical models to predict total project cost?
A. Project management software
B. Cost aggregation
C. Historical relationship
D. Funding limit reconciliation

18. According to the project budget component, which one is not true?
A. Project budget = cost baseline + contingency reserve
B. Cost baseline = work package cost estimate + contingency reserve
C. Work package cost estimate = activity cost estimate + activity contingency reserve
D. Project budget = cost baseline + management reserve

19. You are a project manager on a large software project using the earned value reporting system to manage your project. At this point in time the EV is $14,000, the BAC is $42,000, the PV is $15,000, and the AC is $16,000. We expect that the same performance will happen for the remaining work. What is the variance at completion (VAC)?
A. -6,000
B. 2,000
C. -2,000
D. 6,000

20. Which one is the tool that automotive designers use to determine which combination of suspension and tires will produce the most desirable ride characteristics at the reasonable cost?
A. Statistical sampling
C. Benchmarking
D. Fishbone diagrams

    1. D     2. A      3. C      4. B      5. D      6. A      7. C      8. C     9. D     10. C
  11. D    12. D    13. C    14. D    15. B     16. B    17. C    18. A    19. A    20. B