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1.       A method of estimating project duration or cost by aggregating the estimates of the lower-level components of the work breakdown structure (WBS).

2.       Analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of an organization, project, or option.

3.       An estimating technique in which an algorithm is used to calculate cost or duration based on historical data and project parameters.

4.       A description, analogy or schematic used to represent how the communication process will be performed for the project.


1.       The degree of uncertainty an entity is willing to take on, in anticipation of a reward.

2.       A risk response strategy whereby the project team acts to reduce the probability of occurrence or impact of a risk.

3.       A set of attributes desired by the buyer which a seller is required to meet or exceed to be selected for a contract.

4.       Discretionary dependency - A relationship that is established based on knowledge of best practices within a particular application area or an aspect of the project where a specific sequence is desired.


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1.                   Bottom-Up Estimating

2.                   SWOT Analysis

3.                   Parametric Estimating

4.           Communication Models


1.                   Risk Appetite

2.                   Risk Mitigation

3.                   Source Selection Criteria

4.                   Soft Logic