Knowledger, knowledgertraining, project management, project management training


1.       The work defined at the work breakdown structure for which cost and duration can be estimated and managed.               

2.       The degree to which a set of inherent characteristics fulfills requirements.

3.       A comprehensive list of changes made during the project. This typically includes of the change and impacts in terms of time, cost, and risk.

4.       Any organizational structure in which the project manager shares responsibility with the functional managers for assigning priorities and for directing the work of persons assigned to the project.


1.       A group decision-making technique in which one individual makes the decision for the group.

2.       An event or situation that indicates that a risk is about to occur.

3.       A histogram, ordered by frequency of occurrence, that shows how many results were generated by each identified cause.

4.       An iterative planning technique in which the work to be accomplished in the near term is planned in detail, while the work in the future is planned at a higher level.


Knowledger, knowledgertraining, project management, project management training


1.                   Work Package

2.                   Quality

3.                   Change Log

4.                   Matrix Organization


1.                   Dictatorship

2.                   Trigger Condition

3.                   Pareto Diagram

4.                   Rolling Wave Planning