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CSO: CISO in Practice

Objective:  Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is senior-level executive within an organization responsible for establishing and maintaining the enterprise vision, strategy, and program to ensure information assets and technologies are adequately protected. CISO directs staff in identifying, developing, implementing, and maintaining processes across the enterprise to reduce information and information technology (IT) risks. CISO responds to security incidents, establishes appropriate standards and controls, manages security technologies, and directs establishment and implementation of policies and procedures. CISO is also usually responsible for information-related compliance.
  In this course, Knowledger, in partnership with Alpha Wolf, Thailand’s leading cybersecurity company specializing in cyber defense and cybersecurity for critical infrastructure, provides hands-on essential skills for CISOs to manage IT security department in both technical skills and management skills. Participants will learn by sharing various case studies based on best practices and workshops.
Who Should Attend: People who work in IT Security Management and CISO.
  · IT Security Management
  · IT Security Manager or Department Head
  · IT Security Expert
  · IT Security Project Manager
  · Individuals who are interested in IT Security Management
Course Benefit: Participants will learn how to:
  · Setup IT Security organization
  · Enable business with IT Security Management
  · Manage IT Security Department
  · Manage IT Security Project
  · Prepare yourselves to be CISO
Method:  Lecture and workshops
Duration:    3 days (18 hours, 18 PDUs), 09:00 – 16:00
Date:    See training schedule
Fee:      27,900 Baht (VAT7% = 1,953 Baht, Total = 29,853 Baht)
Early Bird 24,900 Baht - to be paid 2 weeks prior to training (VAT7% = 1,743 Baht, Total = 26,643 Baht)
Venue:     Jasmine City Hotel, Soi Sukhumvit 23, Klongtoey-Nua, Wattana, Bangkok (See Map)
Language:      Thai
Instructors:    Dr. Supakorn Kungpisdan (Alpha Wolf Co., Ltd.) CISSP, CISA, CISM, PECB ISO 27001 PI, IRCA ISO27001 PA, PECB ISO 22301 PI, PECB ISO31000 RM, Security+, ITIL Foundation, CCISO, ECSA, CEH, CHFI, ENSA, ECES, CEI, CSCU
  Paiboon Punyayuttakan (Knowledger Co., Ltd.) PMP, CISSP, CISA, IRCA, ITIL, Project+ (View Profile)
Register: Please download registration form and send to
Course Outline: CISO In Practice
  Day 1 - Ajarn Paiboon Punyayuttakan
    · Modern IT Organization Structure & Job Description
    · Basic Concept of Information Security
        · CIA Concept
        · Definition of Risk, Threats, Vulnerability, Controls
        · IT Security Management Process
    · CISO roles , responsibilities and competency
    · IT Security Organization Structure & Job Description
        · User Access Management
        · Threats Management
        · Information Security Governance
        · Information Security Policy
        · Information Security Consultant
        · Information Security Project Management
    · User Access Management
        · Onboarding, Job Rotation & Resignation process
        · Least Privilege & Need to know basis
        · Role based access control (RBAC)
        · Identity Management
        · IAAA Concept (Identification, Authentication, Authorization, Accountability)
        · Identity & Authorization Periodic Review
        · Single Sign On Concept & Implementation
    · Information Security Governance
        · Information Security Architecture
        · Hardening & Patching process
        · Application security requirement & compliance
        · System security requirement & compliance
    · Information Security Policy
        · IT Security Policy
        · IT Security Standard
        · IT Security Process & Procedure
        · IT Security Awareness
  Day 2 - Dr. Supakorn Kungpisdan
    · Information Security Management
        · IT Security Risk Management
        · Information Security Management System
      Advanced Cyber Threats Case Studies and Analysis
      Managing Security Operation Center (SOC)
        · How to build a SOC
        · Managing day-to-day SOC operations
        · Incident Response and Handling
        · Incident Response Plan Development
        · IT Service Management related to Cyber Incident Response
        · Cyber Forensics Investigation and Techniques
        · Introduction to Malware Analysis
        · Cyber Threat Intelligence
        · Tools and Technologies for SOC
        · Cyber Drills
        · Planning for Improving SOC
    · Cyber Security Assessment
        · Checklist Review
        · Vulnerability Assessment
        · Penetration testing
    · Application Security
        · Secure System Development Life Cycle
        · Application Security Assessment
           · Static Source Code Review
           · Dynamic Analysis
        · Application Security Countermeasures
  Day 3 - Ajarn Paiboon Punyayuttakan
    · Information Security Project Management
        · Basic concept of project management
        · Work Breakdown Structure
        · Stakeholder in IT Security Project
        · Sample IT Security Project
           · APT Implementation Project
           · Web Application Penetration Testing Project
           · Mobile Device Management Project
           · Identity Management Project
           · Hardening & Technical State Compliance Project
    · How CISO deal with related parties
        · Risk management department
        · Compliance department
        · Internal & External Audit
        · Business unit department
        · Senior management
        · Vendor & Partner
        · Regulator
        · Expert Community
    · How CISO report senior management
        · Report to senior management (CIO,COO,CEO)
        · Report risk management committee
        · Report board of director committee
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