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 Training Schedule 2020

More information, please contact 099-283-5200, 081-583-8805 or 085-980-3563

Code Course Name Days Price Early Bird* Outline Register May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
 Project Management Course
PM Road Map Roadmap to be Successful Project Manager 3 hours - - 30 13            
VPMF Project Management Fundamenta (Virtual Training)l 12 hours 12,900 -   8-9, 15-16 Jun            
VPRT Project Management Practitioner (Virtual Training) 18 hours 16,900 -   8-9, 15-16, 22-23 Jun            
PME Project Management for  Executives 1 6,900 5,900                
EPS Effective and Proactive Project Sponsor 2 17,900 14,900                
PMO Set up and Sustain Project Management Office 2 13,900 10,900               21-22
ACP PMI-Agile Certified Practitioner Exam
4 32,900 29,900 LDS Register  




AIP Agile in Practice 3 22,900 19,900 LDS Register      


PMP Int Intensive PMP Exam Preparation-Guarantee
(6th Edition)
7 55,900 52,900






1-2, 5, 8-9, 30 Oct, 27 Nov  
PMP Int SS Intensive PMP Exam Preparation-Guarantee
(6th Edition)
7 55,900 52,900



11-12,18-19,25 Jul,15 Aug,12 Sep

PMP Free PMP Exam Prepartion - Free  2
Free           BKK



PMM Project Management Master 9 52,900 49,900




17-19 Aug,
21-23 Sep


2-4, 23-25 Nov, 14-16 Dec

PRO Project Management Professionals 6 39,900 36,900




17-19 Aug,
9-11 Sep

  2-4, 18-20


PRT Project Management Practitioner 3 22,900 19,900    


17-19     2-4


PMF Project Management Fundamental 2 17,900 14,900    






PMF UP Project Management Fundamenta (Upcountry)l 2        




PMA Project Management Advance 3 22,900 19,900         9-11   23-25  
APS  Essential Attitude for Project Success 3 22,900 19,900 PMW Register    






MPO  Microsoft Project Online 3 12,900 11,900 PMW Register    





MSP Manage Project with Microsoft Project 2 6900 6500 PMW Register                
 IT Management Course
BAE Business Analysis Essentials 2 14,900 12,900





 General Management Course
ERM Enterprise Risk Management 1 5,900 5,200 Proactive Manager Register      


PAC Transfrom Yourself to be Proactive Manager 1 4,900 4,400 Proactive Manager Register             6  
LDS Leadership in Practice & Case Study 1 4,900 4,400 LDS Register             9  
USCB Ultimate Success with Communication (Beginner) 1 4,900 4,400 LDS Register                
USCA Ultimate Success with Communication (Advance) 1 4,900 4,400 LDS Register                
* The fee and the early bird rate are in Thai Baht and VAT excluded. Please see course outline for details.

- The early bird rate is to be paid 15 days before the training date. 

- The training date would be changed. Please re-check the confirmed date at
Contact us:  
Call:  099-283-5200, 081-583-8805, 085-980-3563


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